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Susan Shallcross, MBA

Susan brings over 20 years of executive experience with professional services organizations to Whole Professional and her practice and knows well the pressures of a fast-paced, demanding working environment and how that can impact our mental health.  Mental health is an integral component of our overall well-being, and in today’s environment, with unparalleled stressors in our daily lives—many of which can trigger old or unresolved issues—keeping our mental health has become more challenging. Susan believes in treating the “whole professional” and embraces a comprehensive, holistic approach to wellness that includes not only work, but also a sense of self-worth, spirituality, emotional awareness, coping skills and problem-solving, as well as an emphasis on relationships and other elements that are essential to living a balanced life.

As a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP), Susan specializes in trauma counseling, particularly as it relates to addiction, anxiety, and depression.  Her approach applies to everyday “little t” trauma as well as life-changing “big T trauma” events, all of which can impact our daily functioning and interpersonal relationships.  She is EMDR-trained to treat trauma and completed Mindfulness Teacher Training through a 300-hour, trauma-informed program with the Engaged Mindfulness Institute.  She is a certified mindfulness teacher (professional level) through the International Mindfulness Teachers Association.

Susan holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Northwestern University, graduating summa cum laude.  She completed her clinical internship in substance abuse rehabilitation and addiction counseling at the pioneering Kolmac Intensive Outpatient Services before going on to serve as lead clinician in the Annapolis office.    While at Kolmac, Susan created a companywide Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention program, as well as customized CBT programs for substance abuse and other addictive behaviors.

Prior to founding Whole Professional, Susan worked in the fast-paced world of Washington politics and the legal industry, where she observed the inordinate pressures and stressors experienced by those working in the field. During this time, Susan received her MBA, graduating magna cum laude from the University of Maryland, as well as a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma.


Susan earned her BA from the University of Florida, with a double major in English/History and a minor in Political Science.  She is licensed to practice in both Maryland and the District of Columbia.


MA, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Northwestern University
Magna cum laude

MBA, Management
University of Maryland
Summa cum laude

BA, English/History (double major)/Political Science (minor)
University of Florida

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